About This Series
The first chapters in the book of Revelation teach us that God is intimately aware of the details of our lives. As Lord, Jesus both helps us to keep pursuing him, and warns us of the dangers that follow disobedience.

#1: The Return of the King

Everyone has authority in your life. Revelation 1 teaches us that Jesus is our ultimate authority, whether we want him to be or not.

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#2: Nothing Without Love

Jesus reminds the church at Ephesus that despite their hard working, persevering, discerning nature, they have nothing without love.

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#3: A Warning About Opposition

When you are opposed and threatened for their faith, stay faithful – knowing whom it is you serve.

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#4: Hold onto Jesus

We must never stop holding onto our faith in Jesus Christ despite the threat of competing loyalties.

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#5: Turn From Idolatry

Jesus warns how idolatry and immorality can pull people away from God.

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#6: A Warning to Wake Up

Unless we remain alert, sin will creep in little by little and extinguish the vitality of our relationship with Jesus.

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