This series will help fathers and husbands step up to the plate and start leading at home. God has called you to be the point man for your wife and kids. Will you answer the call?

Satan’s Strategy to Destroy the Family | Point Man #1

There are three main strategies that Satan has to take down men – and the entire family with him. 

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2 Ways to Be There for Your Kids | Point Man #2

The Industrial Revolution completely changed the way fathers engage with their kids, but these two tips will get us back on track.

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Warning Signs on the Edge of an Affair | Point Man #3

Workplace affairs can sneak up on any good man, and they destroy marriages and families. Ask these three questions if you’re on the edge of an affair.

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A “One Woman” Kind of Man | Point Man #4

These three essential commitments will help you make an “all-in” covenant to one woman for your entire life.

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Feeding on Scripture Every Day | Point Man #5

Spiritually anorexic men are weak leaders, and the antidote is simple. Start feeding on the Bible every day.

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5 Tips for a Manly Prayer Habits | Point Man #6

Spiritual leadership in the home requires men to step up and develop the habit of reading the Bible daily. 

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