PursueGOD.org is a Bible-based conversation library designed to help you talk about anything – at church, home, work or beyond. It uses a simple, 3-step method for having great conversations:

  1. Find a topic from our massive online library. Everything in our library has been carefully chosen with family values in mind, so you never have to worry about seeing garbage on our site.
  2. Learn about the topic on your own by watching the short video and following up on any links of interest. Share the link with your family, friends, team or mentor so everyone’s on the same page and ready for a great conversation.
  3. Explore the topic together, using the discussion questions provided (if needed) to help spark a meaningful conversation at home, work, school or beyond.

Three Tools in One

First, our library is an information source. Browse our site for short, insightful videos you can trust on any topic – all with a biblical worldview in mind. Second, our tools are a conversation library. Our content goes beyond info, giving you simple tools to talk about it with your family, group or mentor. And third, PG is a ministry resource. Churches can use our ministry tools to equip a discipleship culture in every area of ministry – all for free.

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Take the Challenge

Why not give it a try? We challenge you to step out and try one of our conversations in a relationship that matters: with your kids or spouse, with a co-worker or friend, or with a group at church. Find a topic. Share it and start learning about it. Then sit down over coffee and have an actual, real-life conversation. Talk about anything, and start a revolution at church, home and everywhere.

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