About This Series
In this series, the Bible Project teaches us about ancient Hebrew words and what they mean for Christians today.

#1 Shema – “Listen”

Do you “listen” to God, or do you just “hear” him?

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#2 YHWH – “LORD”

One important word in the ancient Hebrew shema prayer is “LORD” – the very name of God himself.

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#3 Ahavah – “To Love”

What does “love” mean in the Old Testament? Learn more about Judaism’s most famous prayer, the Shema.

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#4 Lev – “Heart”

The heart is not just an organ that pumps blood in Hebrew, but the source of our deepest intentions and desires. Our hearts should be oriented toward loving God and others.

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#5 Nefesh – “Soul”

To love God with all of our nefesh (“soul”) in the shema is to love God with all of our physical being.

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#6 Shalom – “Peace”

Peace in the Old Testament isn’t just about the absence of conflict, but about something better replacing it.

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#7 Yakhal – “Hope”

Christian hope is a bold hope that looks back to the risen Jesus in order to look forward.

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