About This Series
Use this series to help you navigate the issues surrounding blended families. Though blending families can be tricky, if you have the right information and a plan, you can have success. Adapted from this book.

#1 Start with the Right Expectations

Whether you’re preparing to blend families or are already living in a blended family, this lesson will help you to create the right expectations. There is no perfect formula for blending families, but getting on the same page will help you to find success.

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#2: Make the Marriage a Priority

In this lesson, learn why it’s so important to prioritize the marriage. Your relationship is the foundation with which your new family is being built. If you allow cracks to occur in that foundation, then the whole family will crumble. 

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#3 Co-Parenting in the Home

Getting married is just the beginning. There is work to be done to create a family. This lesson provides some practical tips on how to run things in your home. Everyone has a part to play in making the family work; the biological parent, the step parent, and the kids. Working together, you can create a new family that works well. 

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#4 Co-Parenting with the Ex

Divorce may legally absolve you from any future obligation to your ex, it doesn’t absolve you from your obligation to your kids. You need to find ways to work with your ex for the sake of your kids’ health and well being. This lesson provides some practical tips on how to do that. 

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#5 Money Matters

Money can be a tricky subject no matter the family dynamics. The key is to talk openly about it and come up with a plan. This lesson asks three important questions to help you think about how money should work in your blended family. 

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