This training series will equip people to work in your church’s youth group, and train them in using our resources at

#1: What Is the Purpose of Youth Group?

You want to work with youth. That’s great! But if you are going to work with youth at your church, then it’s important that you understand the point of youth ministry.

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#2: Focus on Mentoring

Our goal is to help students become disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus. If you want to accomplish the goal of youth ministry, then you must learn to focus on mentoring students.

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#3: Success Happens Through Preparation

We all want to succeed in youth ministry. We want to see student’s lives changed. We want to see student’s become disciples of Jesus who disciple others. In order to ensure success, however, we need to focus on preparation.

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Lesson #4: Prioritize Safety

When it comes to working with kids and students, safety must be a priority. This is why one of the principles that you must believe in if you want to work with youth is prioritize safety.

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