Worship Ministry

Here you’ll find free resources for worship leaders, band members, vocalists and sound technicians using pursueGOD.org.

Song Resources

View our song library that can be incorporated in the worship ministry at your church. Song sheets are available for each song and include lyrics, chord sheets, instrument tutorials, and more.

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Leader Resources

Use these resources to help prepare and evaluate your team so that they are able to lead worship to the best of their abilities.

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Team Trainings

Go through the series provided with your worship ministry to help grow them to pursue God and lead others in a time of worship.

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Team Conversations

Browse conversations that can help your worship teams both spiritually and musically.

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More Ministry Topics

See what’s new in our “Ministry” category or browse all topics.

Calvinism, Arminianism, and Disciple-Making

Wherever you stand on the Calvinism/Arminianism debate, you can still go full circle in your pursuit of God to help someone else follow Jesus.
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How Mentors Do It | Mentor Training #2

So now you know why you should become a disciple-maker. But how do you actually do it?
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Why Mentors Do It | Mentor Training #1

Disciple-making is supposed to be normal. So why isn’t anybody doing it?
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Mentoring at Church

Whatever area of ministry you’re involved in at your church, mentoring with the tools at pursueGOD.org will increase your impact.
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Going “Full Circle” as a Group

Just as individuals go “full circle” to maturity in Christ, small groups can also grow mature. In fact, people and groups become mature together.
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Pastoral Identity and Vocation

To stay grounded in any circumstances, a pastor’s identity must be found in Christ, independent of his pastoral career.
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