Worship Ministry

Here you’ll find free resources for worship leaders, band members, vocalists and sound technicians using pursueGOD.org.

Song Resources

View our song library that can be incorporated in the worship ministry at your church. Song sheets are available for each song and include lyrics, chord sheets, instrument tutorials, and more.

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Leader Resources

Use these resources to help prepare and evaluate your team so that they are able to lead worship to the best of their abilities.

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Team Trainings

Go through the series provided with your worship ministry to help grow them to pursue God and lead others in a time of worship.

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Team Conversations

Browse conversations that can help your worship teams both spiritually and musically.

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More Ministry Topics

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Handling Expectations | Insights from Pastors’ Wives #1

Your ministry role will be more enjoyable and fruitful if you manage the expectations that come with being married to a pastor.

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Here’s What You’ll Get Out of Mentoring

Cory and Rhonda share about how mentoring has given them more than they ever expected.

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Making Disciples: Culture Before Structure

Wise leaders will introduce mentoring in their own relationships before they try to change their church’s ministry structure.

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What Is Mentoring and Who Should Do It?

Biblical mentoring (also called “disciple-making”) is personally coming alongside one or more people to help them pursue God. And every Christian is called to do it.

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Biblical Knowledge Doesn’t Equal Spiritual Maturity

It is dangerous and potentially damaging to think that having biblical knowledge means that you possess spiritual maturity. Spiritual maturity is more than just knowing, it is doing.

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3 Important Points for All Christian Small Groups

We cannot truly and fully live out the commands of the New Testament without developing Christian community. Christian community is not just about being “trendy” or being “on the cutting edge.” It’s about living out the NT’s vision of God’s people.

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