About This Series
This starter series will give you ten of our most popular topics for women. Find more on our Women’s Start Page.

#1 The Starter Conversation

Just getting started with our tools online? Use this conversation to get things going.

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#2 Harness the Power of Thankfulness

Why should we be thankful in times of trial? The answer is found within the word that means “to be thankful.”

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#3 God Has to Be Your First Priority

If we’re going to get our life in order, we have to start with our priorities.

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#4 What Is a Simple Way to Memorize Scripture?

Do you have a desire to know the Bible more? Find out how to memorize books of the Bible so that you can know God more.

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#5 Is It Wrong to Have Guilty Pleasures?

Many Christian women have what they call their “guilty pleasures.” Is there anything wrong with these things?

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#6 Remember Who You Are in Christ

Instead of getting caught up in the “I wish” or “if only’s” in our lives, we need to remember that we are unique creations of the creator.

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#7 Trusting God in Desperate Times

Trusting God when we’re scared and desperate can be one of the hardest things to do, and whatever the situation, desperate times will reveal just how deep our faith and trust is in God.

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#8 Be on Mission

The third principle for Christian women involves breaking the tendency toward being negative and critical – and instead choosing to be positive. We can learn from how Jesus chose to respond to Martha.

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#9 Watch Your Critical Spirit

It’s not always easy to be positive. In fact, we oftentimes find that being critical is our default.

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#10 Close the Loop

The greatest leaders spread the leadership virus. This topic will show you how.

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