About This Series
In this series we introduce you to the basics in four areas of the Christian life. This series is a perfect follow-up to Foundations.

#1 5 Habits for the Christian Life

There are five basic habits – spiritual disciplines – that every Christian should know about and practice.

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#2 5 Values for Every Christian

Every person has values they live by. Some may be from God, some not. Here are five values that every Christian needs to know.

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#3 5 Doctrines Every Christian Believes

Christian beliefs have been around for two thousand years, and there is no shortage of debate among Christian churches when it comes to doctrine. But in spite of all the minor differences, there are five basic truths that every Christian church agrees upon.

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#4 5 Practices Christians Do Together

Different churches have different styles, traditions, and methods. But certain practices are normal when Christians gather. This lesson introduces five practices of the church that every Christian should understand.

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#5 5 Facts About Water Baptism

Water baptism is a Christian tradition that dates all the way back to the time of Christ and the early Christian church. But what is it all about?

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What's Next?
You’re done with this series. Congratulations! Now try another series or check out our topics for more topic-at-a-time discipleship.

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