About This Series
While Christmas should be a time of joy, it’s often a source of stress. Between decorating, shopping, cooking, parties, kids programs, family visits and a million other things, the Christmas season can leave us exhausted. So how can we move beyond all the clutter and actually be able to enjoy the true meaning of Christmas? The secret is to make room for what God says really matters.

#1: Making Room for Relationships

Part of uncluttering your Christmas means making room for relationships. The Christmas story demonstrates that we need to prioritize our relationships with God, our “family”, and outsiders. 

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#2: Making Room for Serving

In order to unclutter Christmas, we need to prioritize serving in our schedule. Christmas celebrates a serving savior who met immediate and ultimate needs, so we should too!

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#3: Making Room for Giving

Giving is obviously a big part of the Christmas experience, but it’s easy to forget the real purpose behind it. In this topic, we learn some of the best ways to be generous during Christmas.Go to Topic

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