We’ve updated our menu and frontpage at pursueGOD.org to simplify our layout and help you find what you need more quickly. Here’s what you need to know.

The New Menu

Most of our updates are in the menu. Instead of simply featuring our most popular topics, we’ve switched to the following menu items:

  • ABOUT: This initiates any visitor to the pursueGOD site, explaining how it works as a grassroots discipleship tool.
  • FIND A TOPIC: This brings you to our topical index, the broadest way to search for content on our site.
  • SERIES & TRACKS: These multi-lesson tools give you a weekly plan for topic-at-a-time discipleship with your family, small group, or mentor.
  • FOR YOU: Jump quickly to content for kids, youth, men, and women.


There are a few more goodies in our “More” menu. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • BECOME A MENTOR: This is a new page that orients everyone to the goal of our site, giving you clear steps on how to go “full circle” in your faith.
  • PG FOR CHURCHES: This orients pastors and leaders to the practical ministry tools in our library. 
  • BIBLE READING PLAN: Click on this to access our Chapter a Day video-guided New Testament reading plan.
  • CONTACT US: Ask a question, make a suggestion, etc.
  • DONATE: We’ve made it easy for people to give online to help us keep our resources free to the world.

The Bottom Menu

Our bottom menu is where we put our secondary and behind-the-scenes content.

  • SERMONLINK SCHEDULE: To help pastors and church leaders plan for upcoming lessons.
  • LEADER COMMUNITY: Our official PG leadership discussion board.
  • JUST FOR CREATORS: Christian YouTubers who help us make our content better.
  • WORSHIP MIXES: For those who want to add a little music to their discipleship experience.


We’ve worked hard to make our site as helpful as possible. We hope you like the changes! We’d love to hear your feedback on our Leader Community.