We’ve updated our menu and front page at pursueGOD.org to simplify our layout and help you find what you need more quickly. The main menu addition is “START HERE,” a link that takes you to “Start Pages” which introduce you to our site and recommend topics and series based on your specific needs or interests. Click here to see Start Pages now.

The New Menu

Here’s what you’ll find in our new menu:

  • ABOUT US. This initiates any visitor to the pursueGOD site, explaining how it works as a grassroots discipleship tool.
  • START HERE. Click this for our new Start Pages. Want to introduce someone to the website? Try a Start Page!
  • BROWSE TOPICS. This used to be called “Find a Topic.” It brings you to our full topical index.
  • SERIES & TRACKS. We’ve kept this useful menu item.
  • MORE. Now you can read our new and improved Bible Plan, request a mentor, and sign up for our newsletter to stay “in the know”.


We’ve worked hard to make our site as helpful as possible. We hope you like the changes! We’d love to hear your feedback on our Leader Community.