In this pursueGOD women’s series we’ll help women talk about the struggle we all have with fighting against idols in our lives.

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Week #1: Purging the Idols in a Woman’s Heart

In this lesson we’ll look at the Old Testament book of Jeremiah to see how the ancient people of Israel struggled with idols in their day.

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Week #2: The Idol of Acceptance

The modern day idol of acceptance tricks us into thinking that approval from the world is more important than what God has to say about us.

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Week #3: The Idol of Fear

The modern day idol of fear sidetracks us from trusting in God’s plan because we elevate our own perspective over God’s perspective.

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Week #4: The Idol of Envy

The modern day idol of envy tricks us into thinking that what others have is better than what God has given us.

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Week #5: The Idol of Bitterness

The modern day idol of bitterness tricks us into thinking that holding onto our anger is better than freeing ourselves through the gift of forgiveness.

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Week #6: The Gift of Grace

God’s grace can cover over any of our failings. He is willing to forgive us and restore us.

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