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Is My Sin Really a Problem?

The first foundational truth teaches us that we need Jesus to solve our sin problem. But some people think, “C’mon, I’m not perfect. But will my sin really block me from having a relationship with God?”

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Make Sure You Get Jesus Right

Your relationship with God begins when you put your trust in the Jesus of the Bible as your savior. But what exactly does it mean to have the “right information” about Jesus?

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What It Means that Jesus Saves

When we say that “Jesus saves,” we often think that this only means we are forgiven of our sins. But the biblical idea of salvation is much bigger than that, offering a rescue that impacts everything.

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What Is the Gospel?

Author and teacher Ravi Zacharias answers the question, “What is the gospel,” explaining how the message of Jesus is good news for every generation.

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Good Morals Don’t Save You, Jesus Does

The first and most important step of having good morals is to be changed and saved by Jesus Christ. But ultimately the message of the Bible is not to “be good” but to “be MADE good” through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

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Will I Make It to Heaven? | Perry’s Story

Many people attend church all their lives without ever really placing their faith fully in Jesus Christ to be both their savior and lord. Perry realized he was one such person and that he needed a life-altering change.

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Changed by Eternity | Jason’s Story

It’s easy to think that we owe God or that we have a part to play in our eternal destination. Jason’s story is one of overcoming this human tendency and learning what it means to be secure in Christ alone.

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Getting Saved Again?

Some people wonder if they need to be “saved again” if they have fallen into sin after first believing. But that’s not true. Find out why here.

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Covenants | Bible Themes #2

Covenants are all over the Bible. They’re about partnership with God – and we see them from the very first book of the Bible to the very last.

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Why Is the Path to Heaven so Narrow?

Is God just being stingy by not letting law-abiding, generally nice people into heaven? Ravi Zacharias answers the persistent question: “Why is the path to heaven so narrow?”

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One Moment | The Grid Day #14

Adopting a biblical worldview is more than an intellectual exercise or a change of opinion. It requires a fundamental transformation from the inside out.

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What is Salvation?

Jesus solves our two biggest problems with God through his death on the cross and his resurrection from the dead.

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The Apostles’ Creed

One of the most ancient expressions of faith, the Apostles’ Creed reminds us the centrality of Jesus Christ and the gifts of God for his people.

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Adopted by God

All Christians have been adopted by God into his family. Thus we have full assurance of our standing with God.

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Does Baptism Save a Person?

Water baptism is a powerful ritual in the Christian church that was instituted by Christ himself in Matthew 28:19. But exactly how powerful is it? And is it required for salvation?

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Do Babies That Die Go To Heaven?

Anyone who has experienced a miscarriage or infant death knows the pain and grief of such a loss. But can we take comfort in the idea that those children are in heaven?

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How Can I Be Worthy for Heaven?

Most people think that they can be worthy enough for heaven by simply working harder to be better, to be more righteous, or to be more holy. But the Bible says the way we are made worthy to enter into heaven is through faith in Jesus.

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Universalism, Heaven, and Hell

The Bible teaches that everyone who has not trusted in Christ for salvation will experience eternity in hell, separated from God. But many Christians today struggle to stand for this truth in an increasingly universalistic culture.

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