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What It Means to Be “Counted Righteous”

Jump to Questions Romans 4:5 “But people are counted as righteous, not because of their work, but because of their faith in God who forgives sinners.” Being “counted as righteous” is the positive part of our salvation as Christians. When we trust in Jesus Christ for our salvation, all of our sins are completely forgiven and wiped away. While this is great news, it is not the end of this story. And it’s a good thing because simply being forgiven of our sin isn’t actually good enough to get us to Heaven. When our sins are forgiven, we are simply brought back to neutral with God. It’s like we were in debt, but now our debt has been wiped away – but our bank account is still at zero. But if we want to make it to Heaven, we can’t be broke spiritually. We need to have a wealth of  perfect righteousness. We need to be as righteous and holy as God to be in God’s righteous and holy presence. Unfortunately, we can never be perfectly righteous on our own, because even our good deeds are tainted by sin. So God did something amazing in Jesus Christ.  When we trust in Jesus, it’s not just that our sins are forgiven – we are actually given the perfect righteousness of Christ as a gift from God. That means that the perfect righteousness that Jesus...

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Righteousness by Faith

The Bible describes Abraham and Noah as both receiving a righteousness that comes by faith. The apostle Paul experienced the same thing. Theologians call this “imputed righteousness”. The righteousness of Jesus is credited to our account when we place our trust in him.

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