Tag: Eschatology

Christian Basics: 5 Doctrines Every Christian Believes

Christian beliefs have been around for two thousand years, and there is no shortage of debate among Christian churches when it comes to doctrine. But in spite of all the minor differences, there are five basic truths that every Christian church agrees upon…

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Do Babies That Die Go To Heaven?

Anyone who has experienced a miscarriage or infant death knows the pain and grief of such a loss. But can we take comfort in the idea that those children are in heaven?

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Driven by Eternity

Why pursue God? The third major reason is that it leads to “eternal life” – life in heaven, with God and his people, guaranteed.

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How Can I Be Worthy for Heaven?

Most people think that they can be worthy enough for heaven by simply working harder to be better, to be more righteous, or to be more holy. But the Bible says the way we are made worthy to enter into heaven is through faith in Jesus.

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