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What Every Healthy Relationship Must Have

Jeff and Alyssa share about one of the biggest keys to having a successful marriage and the answer might surprise you. It’s not a skill to acquire but about seeking wisdom from a more experienced couple.

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Men and Women: Just Friends?

The movie “When Harry Met Sally” made famous the line, “Men and women can’t be friends.” Is that really true? Joe has some interesting answers.

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Why Does God Allow Natural Disasters?

When we hear of earthquakes, school shootings, wars and other tragedies the question is always asked, “Where was God?” People wonder why a loving and caring God would allow this to happen.

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Fighting for Peace | Get Rich #4

You’ve heard it – everyone wants peace. But when we look at the world, we find fractured societies and people at war with each other instead. So is the fight for peace merely a poet’s dream?

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