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Is Karma a Thing?

Karma is a popular idea these days. People like the idea that everybody gets what they deserve. But is Karma biblical?

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Should an Athlete Stand or Kneel?

The “stand or kneel” debate in the NFL has become a major political and social media buzz topic. What biblical insights can we gain about this controversial issue?

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Should Christians Get Tattoos?

Tattoos can be especially controversial in Christian circles. They have often been associated with rebelliousness, and others have argued from Old Testament passages that it is sinful for God’s people to be tattooed.

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Is It OK to Smoke Marijuana?

Are there biblical guidelines that may help Christians decide whether or not recreational marijuana usage should be practiced by followers of Jesus?

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Fighting for Peace | Get Rich #4

You’ve heard it – everyone wants peace. But when we look at the world, we find fractured societies and people at war with each other instead. So is the fight for peace merely a poet’s dream?

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God and Politics (Students)

You might see government as a distant power that doesn’t affect your daily life, or something your parents have to worry about. But how should you think about people in authority as a follower of Jesus?

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Christians at College

Heading to college soon? Here are some simple and effective tips for Christians getting ready to leave home and enter a new phase of life.

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Today’s Verse

Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you.

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