In this 3-lesson series we introduce three basic principles for parenting kids so they’ll grow to pursue God in their lives.

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Intro Lesson: Establishing Structure in Your Home

Your kids are shaped by the environment that you create. If you don’t provide structure and routine from the very beginning, you are setting yourselves up for a long, hard road.

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Lesson #1: Put God First

Parents, if you truly want a healthy foundation for your family, create a God-centered home for your kids. 

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Lesson #2: Discipline Is Not Optional

The Bible says that if you love your kids, you will discipline them. It can’t be optional. Discipline isn’t just punishing your kids for wrong choices. It’s more about leading and training them to do the right things.

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Lesson #3: Every Kid Needs Praise

Kids need to know that they are loved. They need to know how special they are. Failing to praise your kids leads to poor self esteem and encourages your kids to seek the attention they crave from someone else.

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