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Welcome! If you’re viewing this page, you’re invited to join our studio team to help us create videos for our sites. Please read this page to learn about how our team works. 

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Studio interviews are focused conversations where a host will draw out a few “key points” as you talk together. That means you’ll need to create a “studio doc” for the topic before you come in to record the conversation. Create it in our Google Docs folder (we’ll give you access) and try to include these elements:

  • Hook. This is a short paragraph explaining who the topic is for and why they should listen.
  • Key points. These are typically 3-5 main ideas that we’ll be developing in the conversation.
  • Discussion questions. Writing these ahead of time will help bring clarity to the conversation.

Studio recording is easier than you think. We’ll get mic’d up and framed in. Then we’ll just try to have a conversation. Act naturally and relax. Smile, have fun, and empower conversations. If we need to start over on a topic, it’s no big deal! Below are some general standards for our videos:

  • 5-9 minute conversations
  • Clear, concise, and compelling
  • Keep the topic focused and actionable
  • Remember that you’re sparking a conversation

See below for a sample conversation.


After you record, you’re done! You can expect the video to show up on our site within 4-6 weeks. And when it does, be sure to share it on social media!

Your video will be edited and posted by a staff that is supported by user donations.
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