Storyline-ThumbThe Storyline of the Bible

In this 4-lesson series we study a crash course on history from Genesis to Revelation

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How It All Started (Kids)

  It all begun with God. Let’s go to the beginning, to Genesis, which is the first book in the Bible. Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Wow! God created everything just by saying it. Our God is awesome! Then, God created people. Genesis 1:27 So God created human […]


How People Messed It Up (Kids)

  The whole story of the Bible is about Jesus. Abraham’s family tree leads all the way to Jesus. In the last lesson, we covered the first 5 books in the Old Testament. Now, we have to cover the rest of the books from the Old Testament. All the great stories in the Bible are […]


How Jesus Fixed It All (Kids)

  We’re studying the storyline of the Bible. We have covered the Old Testament. We learned about Father Abraham, about people messing things up and about King David, who was a good guy but who couldn’t fix anything,   Now, we’ll cover the New Testament. The New Testament is about Jesus. In the New Testament we […]


How the Story Lives On (Kids)

  Today we are going to finish telling the story of the Bible. We’re going to learn what happened after Jesus left the Earth and how the story lives on in the church. We have learned that God created everything and it was all good. But, people messed it all up. So, Jesus came to […]

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