Small Group Ministry

Learn how to use our free resources in your small groups, Bible studies, and more.
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Ministry Training

Go through the series and tracks provided with small group leaders to help equip them to lead a group that focuses on pursuing God.

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Launching a Group

Use the resources provided on this page to help launch a healthy small group.
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Leading a Group

Use the resources provided on this page to help you in leading your small group.
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Leading a Group Discussion

Use the resources provided on this page to help you guide the conversation during your small group time.
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Growing a Group

Use the resources below to help grow your group into a healthy and God centered environment.
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Reproducing a Group

Use the resources provided to help grow leaders in your group who will be able to lead a new God centered small group.
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More Ministry Topics

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Mentoring New Believers

Learn how to feed and care for new Christians in a way that they can help others someday.
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Good Pastor, Bad Parent

Pastors are often judged by their ministry success and it’s assumed they are good parents on this basis. But that’s not necessarily the case.
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Why Men Leave the Church

Christianity is the only major religion with more women than men. What’s up with that?
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How to Avoid Small Group Leader Burnout

Helpful tips for how to stay in the game longer as a small group leader.
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Young Pastor, Here’s What I Wish I’d Known

If you’re serving in ministry, click here to get some advice from those who have gone before you.
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Listening for Someone’s Defining Moment

Learn how to discern whether someone you mentor has trusted Jesus for salvation - and how to help them get there.
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