Small Group Ministry

Learn how to use our free resources in your small groups, Bible studies, and more.
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Ministry Training

Go through the series and tracks provided with small group leaders to help equip them to lead a group that focuses on pursuing God.

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Launching a Group

Use the resources provided on this page to help launch a healthy small group.
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Leading a Group

Use the resources provided on this page to help you in leading your small group.
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Leading a Group Discussion

Use the resources provided on this page to help you guide the conversation during your small group time.
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Growing a Group

Use the resources below to help grow your group into a healthy and God centered environment.
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Reproducing a Group

Use the resources provided to help grow leaders in your group who will be able to lead a new God centered small group.
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More Ministry Topics

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Mentor Training Sketch

Mentorship is something we are called to do as followers of Christ, but how do we learn to be mentors ourselves?

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How to Make Your Group Welcoming to Guests

It can be intimidating to attend a small group for the first time. Will your group make guests feel welcome or weird?

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Romans 12: Creating a Healthy Worship Ministry

The goal of every worship ministry should be to magnify God and be unified in purpose. How to accomplish this is much easier said than done. So what’s the solution? Romans 12 gives us the answer.

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What Is a Group and Why Should I Start One?

When we talk about “groups”, we’re just talking about connecting with people in your world in intentional ways. Here are some examples:

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How to Power Through in Mentoring

It’s easy to give up and stop trying to help someone pursue God. Here’s how to power through the challenges and discouragement to make a difference.

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Handling Expectations | Insights from Pastors’ Wives #1

Your ministry role will be more enjoyable and fruitful if you manage the expectations that come with being married to a pastor.

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