Reproducing a Group

Use the resources below to help grow leaders in your group who will be able to lead a new God centered small group.

Launching a Group

Use the resources provided to help launch a healthy small group.

Leading a Group

Use the resources provided to help you in leading your small group.

Growing a Group

Use the resources provided to help grow your group into a healthy and God centered environment.

Leader Downloads:

Going “Full Circle” as a Group

Just as individuals go “full circle” to maturity in Christ, small groups can also grow mature. In fact, people and groups become mature together.


How to Use the Small Group Reproduction Plan

A worksheet to help small group leaders and their teams prepare a small group to reproduce itself in a healthy way by launching a new group.


Getting a Group Ready to Reproduce

Small groups don’t just reproduce out of the blue. It takes intentional steps to help group members prepare to launch a new group.


How to Develop New Small Group Leaders

Future small group leaders need to be developed. This involves sharing ministry with them to give them opportunities to grow.


Finding the Right Time to Reproduce a Group

Think through your community and church calendars to find the best seasons to launch a new group.


The Greatest Thing a Small Group Leader Can Do

Small group leaders have a big job with many tasks, but there’s one task that surpasses them all. The greatest thing a small group leader can do is give their job away.


How Big Should a Group Be to Launch a New Group?

To reproduce, a small group needs enough people. But there is no “magic number”. Various factors dictate when a group is large enough to launch a new group.


Transitioning from One Group to Two

When one small group branches into two, we can ease the process for group members until both new groups are established.


Celebrate a New Group Launch

Wise planning helps group members celebrate new groups, even though they may be separated from friends.


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