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PursueGOD was created after a group of pastors realized their church was broken. Though the church was large and growing, they were creating consumer Christians instead of disciple-makers. It wasn’t the people’s fault; the pastors had unwittingly created the problem. So they started re-defining “the win”. Instead of counting attenders, they began counting disciple-makers. That’s why was born – to give everyday Christians the tools to make disciples, one topic at a time. To learn more, read “We Broke the Church” by Bryan Dwyer.

What do we offer?

PursueGOD offers discipleship resources for almost every area of ministry in your church. Click on a Start Page below to learn more:

How do our online tools work?

Our free resources are designed for what we call “topic-at-a-time” mentoring, to be done in families, small groups, or one-on-one. We believe that real life change happens when people have honest, informed conversations – and our tools are built to empower those conversations. Here’s how it works:

  1. FIND A TOPIC. Browse our resources and pick a topic that you want to learn about. All of our content starts with a short video and includes a summary article, and all of it is carefully curated by our team of pastors and leaders.
  2. LEARN ABOUT IT. This is where everyone involved gets to take ownership. On your own, watch the video and check out the related topics as needed. Some people like to journal on the topic, going through the discussion questions ahead of time and taking notes. 
  3. EXPLORE IT TOGETHER. This is where the group or mentor fits in. Get together in person or over the phone, and simply have a conversation. That’s where real life-change happens: when people have honest, informed conversations.

And that’s it. One topic at a time, discover the truth of the Bible. Talk about life, faith, family, and more. Our tools empower conversations so everyone can pursue God at their own pace. And when people are ready to go “full circle” in their pursuit of God, we recommend completing “The Pathway” – a 3-month track that it will guide people through the most basic steps needed to become a “full-circle” follower of Jesus. 

Once people complete The Pathway, we encourage them to start helping someone else pursue God. At PG, we believe Jesus wants every Christian to get in the game and start making disciples. Learn how to use our free resources for disciple-making on our Mentor Page.

How do our sermons work?

Some churches may choose to use our free Sermonlink resources for the preaching ministry at their church. Our team of pastors collaborates on each sermon and produces sermon notes, slides, and small group resources for each sermon. Click on a link below to learn more:

Start using our tools for free today. To get the most out of our resources and network, consider becoming an official partner and receiving a customizable partner page. Click here to learn about Partner Pages.

What is

Some people won’t be interested in using the Bible-based resources of That’s understandable. That’s why we created, a conversation library based on common sense values (instead of explicitly biblical teaching). The method is the same: one topic at a time, make an investment in another person’s life. Your church can use FLEXTALK to build bridges at work, at school, or in your community. Click here to visit


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