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PURSUEGOD offers a free web-based Kids’ Church curriculum, designed to equip teachers and parents to help kids pursue God. Open the tabs below to learn more or scroll down to browse what’s featured now.


PursueGOD kids is designed to help you create a fun and engaging atmosphere for the children of your church where they can learn about Jesus and the Bible. Our curriculum is completely free for churches of all sizes. And all of our lessons are easily accessible for parents to find and use at home, too. Subscribe to our PursueGOD Kids YouTube channel.

What are the “3 Values”?

The simplest way to understand how it works in Kids Church is to learn our “Big Three” values. All of our leaders and volunteers have these three values in mind each week as we teach your kids. Here are the “Big Three”:

  1. JESUS. Our curriculum centers on who Jesus is and what he did for us. Our goal is to help kids and families pursue God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. BIBLE. Our kids curriculum is based on the Bible. Every week our lesson offers a Big Idea and Key Question, along with a Memory Verse right out of the Bible.
  3. FAMILY. We believe our job is to equip families to talk about Jesus outside of church. Our curriculum is designed to be started in the classroom and finished at home, empowering you to raise your kids with Christian values.

What age groups does this curriculum serve?

This curriculum is designed for K-5th grade, broken down into 3 groups: K-1st, 2nd-3rd and 4th-5th. The overall theme of the lessons are the same but activities, crafts and games are adjusted to fit each age range.

What is included in each lesson?

Our curriculum is designed to include both a small group and large group time but you can use it in whatever way works best for your church. Each lesson includes:

  • Leader’s guide which gives your teachers everything they need to know to teach the lesson as well as a classroom agenda for how the time will be structured and how long each element should take.
  • Activity pages which includes coloring sheets and puzzles as well as a craft and game suggestion for each lesson. All the instructions and supplies are provided.
  • Large group script and slides which can be used in a large group setting where all of your classes can come together to watch the video lesson for the day.

What about training volunteers?

We offer training materials that will equip your leaders to know how to pull off a great Kids Church experience. Scroll down to the “Just for Leaders” tab on this page to learn more.

How do we recruit volunteers?

We want to help you get people involved in your kids church ministry so we offer you some helpful how to’s on recruiting as well as a fun video you can play in big church for the adults. We also have some graphics you can use for signage during your recruiting periods. Click on the link below to talk about this with your leaders and to access helpful downloads.

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How do I connect with the leader community?

Our Google+ Leader Community is the place for children’s directors and teachers to share ideas, resources, and best practices for our resources. Join it for free!

[Go To: PG Kids Leader Community]


We are currently working hard to develop a 3-year curriculum for Kids’ Church (see below), to be ready for January 2017. In the meantime, churches can use our recommended kids’ lessons as published in our Sermonlink Schedule. Click here for current schedule.

Q1 (Fall)

  1. Basics: Who is God?
  2. Creation
  3. Adam/Eve: sin, disobedience
  4. Cain and Abel
  5. The Flood
  6. Noah: Promise
  7. Tower of Babel
  8. Virtues: Wisdom
  9. Jesus is the Word (John 1) – LIFE OF JESUS
  10. John the Baptist
  11. The baptism of Jesus
  12. The Beatitudes – TEACHINGS OF JESUS
  13. Jesus turns water into wine – MIRACLES OF JESUS

Q2 (Winter)

  1. Xmas Q1 A (Christmas lesson-move to correct week)
  2. Xmas Q1 B (Christmas lesson-move to correct week)
  3. What is Sin? (Romans 3)
  4. Abraham: obedience/faith
  5. Isaac and the sacrifice —-
  6. Jacob/Esau: Greed
  7. Jacob named Israel
  8. Joseph/dreams/Brothers
  9. Joseph sold/potiphar’s wife
  10. Obedience/Respect
  11. The temptation of Jesus —
  12. The true family of Jesus
  13. Jesus heals a leper

Q3 (Spring)

  1. The resurrection —Easter Lesson (place it in proper place for the quarter)
  2. What is Salvation?
  3. Moses: Birth
  4. Moses in palace
  5. Moses and burning bush
  6. Pharoah and The Plagues
  7. The Passover
  8. The Exodus
  9. Love
  10. Jesus calls his disciples
  11. Jesus and Nicodemus (Jn)
  12. The parable of the hidden treasure
  13. Jesus calms a storm

Q4 (Summer)

  1. How do I pray?
  2. Miriam
  3. The 10 Commandments
  4. Aaron and the golden calf
  5. Wandering in the desert
  6. Building the tabernacle
  7. Water from a rock
  8. Responsibility/Diligent
  9. The Woman at the Well (Jn)
  10. Jesus fights the Pharisees —
  11. The transfiguration
  12. Building on a rock
  13. Jesus heals a paralytic

Q5 (Fall)

  1. Where is Heaven?
  2. Promised Land/Caleb/Joshua
  3. Rahab
  4. Joshua: Courage/Fall of Jericho
  5. Judges and why God used them
  6. Gideon: Trust/faith/identity
  7. Deborah: Wisdom
  8. Courage
  9. Jesus blesses the children
  10. Jesus and the rich man
  11. Seek First the Kingdom
  12. The parable of the mustard seed
  13. Jesus walks on water (John 6)

Q6 (Winter)

  1. Christmas A
  2. Christmas B
  3. Why read the Bible? (1 Tim 3)
  4. Hannah
  5. Samuel: Obedience, Listening
  6. Samson/Delilah: Self control
  7. The people demand a king
  8. King Saul
  9. David and Goliath
  10. Self control/Patience
  11. Jesus heals a blind man (John 8)
  12. An easy yoke
  13. The parable of the sower

Q7 (Spring)

  2. What is Baptism? (Rom 6)
  3. David anointed as king/despised by Saul/on the run
  4. Abigail and Nabal
  5. David: Being real TRUTHFULNESS
  6. Solomon: Wisdom
  7. Solomon builds the temple
  8. Lands conquered/ruled by other nations
  9. Truthfulness
  10. The triumphant entry —
  11. Jesus anointed at Bethany
  12. The last supper (John 13)
  13. Jesus heals on the Sabbath

Q8 (Summer)

  1. What is Communion?
  2. Who were the prophets and what was their job?
  3. Elijah: Faith
  4. Elisha
  5. Naaman
  6. Isaiah
  7. Jeremiah
  8. Faithful/Loyalty/Diligent
  9. Jesus heals a Gentile (Mt 15)
  10. The parable of the lost sheep
  11. The parable of the unforgiving debtor
  12. The parable of the vineyard workers
  13. The parable of the wedding feast

Q9 (Fall)

  1. Fruit of the Spirit
  2. Daniel: Courage/peer pressure/interprets king’s vision
  3. didn’t bow down to king, Neb
  4. Fiery furnace
  5. Daniel and Lion’ den
  6. Jonah: Disobedience and the consequences
  7. Jonah 2
  8. Kindness/Respect
  9. The golden rule
  10. What makes you dirty (Mt 15)
  11. The parable of the bridesmaids
  12. Jesus feeds the 5000
  13. Jesus walks on water

Q10 (Winter)

  1. Xmas A
  2. Xmas B
  3. Obey your parents
  4. The Last King (Zedekiah) – 2 Chron 36
  5. Ezra the Scribe
  6. Nehemiah the Cupbearer
  7. Esther the Beautiful Queen
  8. What happened to Job
  9. How Job’s story ended
  10. Forgiveness
  11. The parable of the three servants
  12. The good shepherd (John 10)
  13. The vine and the branches (John 15)

Q11 (Spring)

  2. What is Church?
  3. Acts: The church is born
  4. Peter heals a beggar
  5. Stephen lives for Jesus
  6. Philip shares with an Ethiopian
  7. Saul meets Jesus
  8. Peter’s crazy vision
  9. Generosity
  10. Peter denies Jesus —
  11. Jesus before Pilate (John 18)
  12. The crucifixion
  13. Jesus raises Lazarus (John 11)

Q12 (Summer)

  1. Armor of God
  2. Acts #7: Peter’s big escape
  3. Acts #8: Paul hits the road
  4. Acts #9: The big meeting in Jerusalem
  5. Acts #10: Paul and Silas go to prison
  6. Acts #11: Paul preaches in Athens
  7. Acts #12: The Shipwreck
  8. Thankful/Joy
  9. Jesus appears to Thomas
  10. The Great Commission
  11. Jesus and the big catch
  12. Jesus and the white horse
  13. Jesus and the great

Leader Training

Our leaders and volunteers are trained on three simple principles that guide the Kids Church environment. These principles keep us all on the same page as we  serve you and your kids. Here they are:

  1. Prioritize Safety. Every child and parent who visits Kids Church can have full confidence that we maintain a safe and secure classroom. All of our volunteers know our Safety Policy and have passed a background check.
  2. Lead with Energy. Kids learn best in an environment that’s fun and engaging. Every Kids Church leader and volunteer has made a commitment to preparing well and teaching with a smile.
  3. Partner with Parents. Our leaders and volunteers know that parents are the real spiritual leaders of their kids. We consider it a win when we empower you to follow up on the lesson at home.

We provide free training materials and online tools for churches using our resources. Ready to get started? Choose from the links below to get started:

We also provide helpful forms for feedback and reporting to keep everyone on the same page and moving forward as a team:



We offer all kinds of helpful video and graphical downloads that your church can use for free. Use them to make your kids’ program fun and exciting! You are free to download and print or share as needed.

Generosity (Kids)

Generosity means giving something away even when it hurts. That’s what Jesus did, and we should too!

The Book of Jude (Kids Series)

In this 2-lesson Kids Church series we’ll look at the New Testament book of Jude – and how God wants to keep us safe from lies.

How to Win at Everything (Kids Series) In this 4-lesson series we learn how to win at what matters most in life. Lesson #1: Winning at Church Winning is fun, right? But winning can also be bad....

Foundations for Kids

In this kids series we introduce the three foundational truths of a biblical faith, answering how to start, how to live, and how to grow as a Christian.



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