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PURSUEGOD offers free online tools designed to help your church cultivate dynamic small groups that actually make disciples. You will find engaging curriculum for groups, along with training materials to help small group leaders succeed. All of these resources are totally free and easily accessible. Our digital library gives you the tools and methods to grow and reproduce great groups. Watch the video below for an intro, and scroll down to get started.

What are the advantages of PursueGOD small group curriculum?

  • Biblical. Lessons are curated by a trusted team of evangelical pastors.
  • Free. There is nothing you need to buy – ever.
  • Simple. One simple format unites all topics. It’s so simple anyone can do it.
  • Conversational. Discussion questions and related resources get people talking and exploring.
  • Practical. Lessons emphasize discovering truth with the purpose of changed lives.
  • Portable. You can prepare and lead straight from your phone or tablet.
  • Easy to Share. Our tools are easy to take home and to pass along to other people.

How does PursueGOD small group curriculum work?

  • Choose a topic or series from the hundreds of available life- and faith-oriented resources.
  • Send the link ahead for group members to view in advance.
  • Review the printed article and discussion questions before the meeting.
  • Show the short video in the group.
  • Lead the group through the discussion questions to discover truth together.
  • Talk about how to apply the truth to your lives.

Video: How to Lead a Small Group Discussion

What resources are available to develop small group leaders?

PursueGOD offers a complete introductory training series for small group leaders. We also have dozens of specific conversations that provide greater depth on all the elements of small group life. These topics are designed for training current and future small group leaders one-on-one or in teams.

Our training topics are organized into short tracks (see the Small Group Training Tracks page.) Each track includes 4-6 lessons on topics small group leaders will find helpful.

How does PursueGOD define success for small groups?

Some churches value small groups that foster close relationships. Others value groups that focus on Bible teaching. At PursueGOD, we also value those things, but we are aiming at something more. We believe that the healthiest and most successful small groups are those that are intentionally making disciples. As part of a church-wide discipleship strategy, successful groups develop attenders into leaders and disciple-makers. As this occurs, a healthy group will eventually reproduce itself by giving birth to a new group.

Video: Great Groups Must Be Intentional

How do small groups help make disciples?

PursueGOD small groups are intentional about certain practices that develop mature “full-circle” followers of Christ. Leaders invite everyone to participate in ministry. They look for and develop future leaders. Leaders mentor others in the group. As group members grow in their capacity, they begin to mentor others as well, within and outside the group. As the group incorporates new members, the process incorporates them into the process as well.

Video: What Makes a Small Group Great

What is the relationship between small groups and mentoring?

Every PursueGOD church has three basic mentoring environments: families, small groups, and individual relationships. Thus mentoring is an integral part of small groups. First, the basic tools for mentoring and leading a small group are the same. Second, small group leaders train new co-leaders using the mentoring method and tools. Third, small group leaders and co-leaders mentor members of the group as needed. Finally, small groups are a great vehicle for people new at mentoring, because they can start with the trusted relationships they already have in the group.

What resources do you have for developing a small group coaching system?

Small group coaches are mentors who help small group leaders succeed at developing disciples, with a vision to reproduce healthy groups. PursueGOD has training and resources to prepare coaches with the skills and attitudes needed to bring out the best in small group leaders.

Video: Group Coach Training Intro


At PursueGOD, we make videos that empower conversations… to get people talking about everything that matters. In this section we'll show you how it works so you can start talking with your family, group, or mentor. 

The FLEX Method

Try our simple, 3-step method for using our disciple-making resources:

  1. Find a topic from this Start Page or from our Topical Index.
  2. Learn about it through the video and related topics.
  3. Explore it in conversation with a group or mentor.

Our topics are always relevant for today, and our team adds new content every week. Our tools go beyond information to help everyone - at church, at home, at school - to experience whole-life transformation.

The Three Principles

Our tools work best when you understand our three foundational principles for mentoring conversations.  

  1. The Discovery Principle. We believe that conversations can open your eyes to life-changing insights. As you talk through concepts with the people in your world, you’ll begin to internalize the values that matter.
  2. The Ownership Principle. We believe you only get out of a conversation what you put into it. As you meet with your group or mentor, don’t let someone else work harder for your growth than you.
  3. The Empowerment Principle. We believe anyone can be empowered to impact the lives of people around them. If you’re being mentored today, we hope someday you’ll join the movement and become a mentor pass on what you're learning. 

The 101 "Starter Series" below is a great place to begin if you're new to our tools, giving you a simple pathway for the first 10 topics to talk about from our site. 

Join the Movement

PursueGOD is a movement of regular Christ-followers who want to change the world through mentoring. To join our movement and become a mentor, get trained through our Training Page

If you find our tools useful, please help us to keep them free for the world by donating monthly or with a one-time gift.

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