Divine Back Nine

Welcome to the Start Page for Divine Back Nine, a pursueGOD partner ministry for golf fanatics (www.divinebacknine.com). This page will introduce you to our site and recommend topics and series just for you. Watch the video below to learn how it works and scroll down to get started. Click here to request a mentor from DBN


DIVINE BACK NINE was created so guys could golf on a regular basis throughout the year without breaking the bank or burdening schedules. The goal is to create an environment where guys can connect on the course and invest in each other relationally. We recommend picking a topic from this page to talk about during your round. Visit divinebacknine.com

What is PursueGOD.org?

The goal of the pursueGOD resources is to make discipleship accessible for the average Christian, whether in a group setting, one-on-one, or with your family. It takes 3 steps: (1) find a topic from our site (which includes a short video and text summary), (2) share the link so everyone can learn about it, and (3) get together to talk about it (using the discussion questions as needed). The key to this simple discipleship method is picking the right topic, and that’s what this start page is for. Scroll down to browse topics.

Where should I start?

Feel free to start with any topic at all – everything on our site has been carefully chosen with biblical values in mind. But to get the most out of our resources – and to go “full circle” in your faith – we recommend completing our PG Pathway with a group or mentor (see below). Click here to request a mentor from DBN.

What do we offer for the family?

We believe parents are the pastors at home. Check out our Kids’ Page and our Student Page for content designed just to empower conversations with your family, one topic at a time.

What’s the story of PursueGOD.org?

PursueGOD was created after a group of pastors realized their church was broken. Though the church was large and growing, they were creating consumer Christians instead of disciple-makers. It wasn’t the people’s fault; the pastors had unwittingly created the problem. So they started re-defining “the win”. Instead of counting attenders, they began counting disciple-makers. That’s why pursueGOD.org was born – to give everyday Christians the tools to make disciples, one topic at a time. Learn more about PG.

What is FLEXTALK.org?

Some people won’t be interested in using the Bible-based resources of pursueGOD.org. That’s why we created FLEXTALK.org, a conversation library based on common sense values… instead of explicit biblical teaching. The method is the same, empowering conversations one topic at a time. Use FLEXTALK at work, at school, or in your community. Click here to visit FLEXTALK.org.


We’ve pulled together some of our most relevant topics and series for you. Click on a link below to expand.

Series for Men
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Series on the Basics
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The PG Pathway is a series of steps that will help you go “full circle” in your pursuit of God over the next 3 to 6 months. Complete the steps below with a group or mentor. (Need help with these 10 steps? Click here to request a mentor from DBN.)

  1. Warm up with a few topics on investigating faith or something else of interest. The first few topics you cover with your mentor are important and can lay the groundwork for a meaningful pursuit of God.
  2. Get started on our “Chapter a Day” Bible reading plan on the New Testament. This will help you develop the important habit of reading the Bible for yourself, and our short daily videos will give you the guidance you need.
  3. Talk about Foundations Truth #1 to learn how to start a relationship with God. It’s easier than you think, because Jesus did everything needed to make it possible.
  4. Talk about getting to your faith moment and becoming a Christ-follower. This is where you’ll have the opportunity to make a personal response of faith if haven’t already.
  5. Cover one or more topics on Christian baptism – and get baptized if you haven’t already. This step doesn’t save you, but it’s an important act of obedience to Jesus.
  6. Talk about Foundations Truth #2 to learn about how to live as a Christian. It’s all about honoring God and going his direction instead of doing your own thing.
  7. Complete the Christian Basics series or choose another series of interest. You’ll be able to cover more topics and series later, but this is a good time to study something that will strengthen your foundation.
  8. Talk about Foundations Truth #3 to learn about making disciples. This is the important final step in “full circle” Christianity, and our resources will equip you to do it.
  9. Get trained on pursueGOD mentoring using the “Get Trained” tab below. That’s where you’ll find our Mentor Training series along with additional topics to help you become a disciple-maker.
  10. Start helping someone pursue God, and click here to register as a mentor at DBN. Registering makes sure your pastors and leaders know you’re ready to help others who want to pursue God at your church.

And that’s it! Go through the pathway and then continue to pursue God with additional topics and series… and help others do the same. 


Below we’ve pulled together everything you need to get trained and start mentoring using the tools at pursueGOD.org. Watch the video to learn how it works and scroll down to start working the 4 steps.

Step 1: Overview
Complete our 3-week Mentor Training series to get clarity on the Why, How, and What of disciple-making.
Step 3: Start
Time to get started! Here are some helpful Q&A’s just for you: 

Q. Who should I invite, and how do I do it?

You can invite anyone into a mentoring relationship, and you do it simply by sending them a link to one of our start pages and then inviting them into a conversation. Choose the start page that makes the most sense, and encourage them to browse the page to learn how it works. And don’t call it “mentoring” at first – just invite them to talk about something that matters to them.

Q. Which topics should we cover?

Talk about anything that’s interesting to them, and make sure the first few topics are engaging (scroll down to see what’s featured now). After a few weeks, invite them to choose the topic. And when they’re ready, take them through the 3-month “PG Pathway” (see above).

Q. How often should we meet?

Mentoring works well on a weekly or monthly basis, or something in between. We recommend that you schedule it, and make adjustments as needed.

Q. Do we have to meet in person?

Not at all! Our tools work great on the phone or over FaceTime or Skype. Meeting in person is nice, but don’t hesitate to do topic-at-a-time mentoring from distance if you need to.

Q. When does our mentoring relationship end?

The goal of PG mentoring is to help someone go “full circle” in their faith (see the Pathway above). That means the person you’re mentoring – if all goes well – will eventually be a mentor for someone else. So after you invest in your people, be sure to train them and send them out to help others. At that point your relationship doesn’t end, it changes. Now you are a coach, doing follow up training to help them be successful in their disciple-making.

Q. How do I register as a mentor?

Let us know that you’re on the team by filling out our registration form (below). You’ll get information and updates straight from our headquarters at PursueGOD.org.

Step 4: Follow Up
Be sure to do some follow up training every week or month with your mentor or training group. Choose from the topics below for your conversations: 
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Done training? Click here to register as a mentor at DBN.


Try a recommended series or scroll down for our newest topics.

How Do I Get Over Holding a Grudge?

When people hurt us, it’s easy to hold a grudge. But this only does us harm. Instead of wasting energy on the hurt, we should focus on how to move forward.

The Cycle of Abuse

You may not realize you’re in an abusive relationship until it’s too late. Learn how to spot the tell tale phases of a toxic relationship.

Worship Is Not What You Think

There are over four hundred references to singing in the Bible, but true worship goes beyond just singing songs at church.

The Dilemma of the Problem of Evil

How can God be good and powerful and still let evil exist in the world today? The biblical authors didn’t doubt God’s power to deliver them. Instead, they asked, “How long, O Lord?”

When Expectations Make You Anxious

Anxiety often stems from have the wrong expectations of ourselves. Discover what the Bible says about how we should view the world and our role in it.

My Big Fat Gossiping Mouth

Gossip is so subtle it can just sneak up on you before you know you’re even doing it. So shut your big fat mouth!

Uncomplicating Prayer

Prayer doesn’t have to be mysterious and scary. It’s mostly about growing in relationship with God.

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Today’s Verse

Do not forsake your friend or a friend of your family, and do not go to your relative’s house when disaster strikes you— better a neighbor nearby than a relative far away.


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