Welcome to the CREATOR’S PAGE at – designed to introduce content creators to our site and resource them to make an impact. Any Christian YouTuber can submit a video for consideration in our grassroots discipleship library, and writers can help summarize content for submitted videos. Submit a video now or download our Writing Guide.


What is

PG is a grassroots discipleship site that starts with short YouTube videos. We add summaries and discussion questions to make content more share-able for families, small groups, and mentoring relationships. And we organize it all in one place and make it free. Our goal is to create a movement of regular Christians helping regular Christians to share a biblical worldview with people.

How do Christian YouTubers fit in?

Our source content starts on YouTube channels around the world. We’re always out there looking for great content, whether from big name preachers or everyday Christians. We believe anyone can share biblical truth in their own words, and we want to encourage every Christian to do it.

What’s in it for the YouTubers?

We don’t pay YouTubers for their content, but when we feature a video from your channel, your platform grows. And even more helpful is our support through our G+ Community of Christian YouTubers. That’s where our team of pastors can connect with Christian YouTubers like you for biblical support, topical guidance, and more.

What’s the story of

PursueGOD was created after a group of pastors realized their church was broken. Though the church was large and growing, they were creating consumer Christians instead of disciple-makers. It wasn’t the people’s fault; the pastors had unwittingly created the problem. So they started re-defining “the win”. Instead of counting attenders, they began counting disciple-makers. That’s why was born – to give everyday Christians the tools to make disciples, one topic at a time. Learn more about PG.

What is

Some people won’t be interested in using the Bible-based resources of That’s understandable. But you can still add value to their lives by sharing topics from, a conversation library based on common sense values (instead of explicit biblical teaching). The method is the same: one topic at a time, make an investment in another person’s life. Eventually, when the time is right, you may have an opportunity to share on some topics from Use FLEXTALK at work, at school, or in your community. Click here to visit


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