About This Track
This 40-day track will help you renew a personal focus on prayer. Pray for the listed topic each day, and click on the link to learn about the topic or share it with a friend. See also our Chapter a Day Bible Reading Plan.
  1. Pray for a deeper knowledge of Jesus.
  2. Pray that you would know your identity in Christ.
  3. Thank Jesus for taking your sin to the cross.
  4. Pray against a temptation in your life.
  5. Pray for a Christian who is struggling with doubt.
  6. Ask God to reveal a secret sin in your own life.
  7. Pray for a friend who needs to break a bad habit.
  8. Pray for a wife who lacks spiritual leadership from her husband.
  9. Thank Jesus for three friends in your life.
  10. Pray for a friend who needs healing.
  11. Pray for the world of Islam, that Muslims would come to know Christ.
  12. Ask God to reveal to you a sinful response to sin in your own life.
  13. Pray for a marriage that has been impacted by an affair.
  14. Pray for a friend who struggles with drug or alcohol abuse.
  15. Thank Jesus for your parents or grandparents.
  16. Pray for someone who struggles with anxiety.
  17. Pray for an athlete.
  18. Ask God to reveal an area of unforgiveness in your heart.
  19. Pray for a politician you don’t like.
  20. Pray for someone who is struggling financially.
  21. Thank Jesus for God’s provision in your life.
  22. Pray for a college student.
  23. Pray for an atheist or an agnostic to encounter Christ.
  24. Ask God to give you clarity on a decision you have to make.
  25. Pray that Christ would be at the center of your life.
  26. Pray for a greater ability to walk by the Spirit this week.
  27. Thank Jesus for freeing you from guilt.
  28. Pray for people who are poor and oppressed.
  29. Pray for someone who is struggling with pornography.
  30. Ask God to help reconcile a relationship that needs healing.
  31. Pray for someone who is struggling with anger.
  32. Pray for the local Christian churches in your area.
  33. Thank Jesus for his amazing grace in your life.
  34. Pray for the ministry of a pregnancy care center in your area.
  35. Ask God for a deeper understanding of his Word.
  36. Pray for those enslaved by human trafficking.
  37. Thank Jesus for healthy friendships in your life.
  38. Pray for someone who struggles with anxiety or depression.
  39. Ask God to show you an area of growth in your life.
  40. Pray for a continued desire for prayer.
What's Next?
You’re done with this 40-day track. Congratulations! Now try another track or series or check out our topics for more topic-at-a-time discipleship.

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