Mormonism Resources

Find resources to help you make the journey out of Mormonism or to explore more about the Mormon religion.

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Series and Tracks

Use these series and tracks for guided, topical conversations on Mormonism.

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Faith After Mormonism

These topics will help you discover the abundant life that can be found after Mormonism in a relationship with Jesus.

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Understanding Mormonism

Learn more about the Mormon religion and the doctrines that guide their faith.

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More Life Topics

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Develop Your Love Map

Discovering who your spouse is should be a lifelong endeavor.
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A Drive for Purpose

Are you living on purpose? Find out how that might look in this topic.
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Jesus and Fake News

For a long time, we had “real news” and “non-news.” Unfortunately, things have shifted in recent months. Now there is near-constant talk of “fake news.”
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3 Principles for Christian Dating

Dating can be a challenge. If you want to honor God in how you date, apply these principles in your next relationship.
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The Failing “Power Tools” of Parenting

Parents don’t have the power to change the hearts of their kids. Only God can do that.
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Four Signs That Your Marriage Is in Trouble

John Gottman is a renowned relationship expert who says he can predict divorce with 91% accuracy based on certain factors.
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