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Find resources to help you make the journey out of Mormonism or to explore more about the Mormon religion.

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Series and Tracks

Use these series and tracks for guided, topical conversations on Mormonism.

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Faith After Mormonism

These topics will help you discover the abundant life that can be found after Mormonism in a relationship with Jesus.

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Understanding Mormonism

Learn more about the Mormon religion and the doctrines that guide their faith.

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Protect Your Kids From Technology

Parents, we need to wake up and realize that there are dangers lurking on our kids’ phones.
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If You Love Me, Don’t Ask Me to Change

Should you change if you’re in a relationship? And if so, what does that mean?
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Confront Passive-Aggressive People on Your Team

Passive-aggressive people can be a “silent killer” to the morale and productivity of your team.
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How’s Your Sex Life in Marriage?

Reclaim intimacy in your marriage by making sex a priority.
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A Life of Contentment | Calm My Anxious Heart #1

Contentment isn’t about a temporary feeling of happiness. It’s a steadfast satisfaction that comes from within.
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Four Types of Connections in Your Home

The people around you will either make you great or tear you down. Learn about the Loner, the Toxic, the Fake, and the True Connection.
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