Find resources to explore more about the Mormon religion or to help you make the journey out of Mormonism to a new kind of faith in Christ.


PURSUEGOD RESOURCES are free online tools designed to help you pursue the God of the Bible, one topic at a time. The library here at is full of conversations to help people grow as disciples and to make disciples. We have a special collection of topics that approach Mormonism with that goal in mind. Watch the video below to learn more, or start browsing topics now.

Q. What is your approach toward Mormonism and the Mormon people?

While there is much to admire about the Mormon people, we believe Mormonism stands outside of historic, biblical Christianity. While we disagree significantly on many important issues, we believe that Mormons should be treated as neighbors, not adversaries. While we feel it is fair to answer the claims of Mormonism, we believe that neighbors of different faiths should be treated with kindness & respect. We believe historic Christianity has much to offer to Mormons. But the good new of God’s grace in Jesus Christ should be shared in ways that sound like an invitation, not an attack. We make every effort to be accurate, fair, respectful and kind.

Q. What resources do you have to help me understand Mormonism? has a number of series and topics that will help you understand what Mormonism teaches from a historic, biblical Christian perspective. You can find many of these compiled into the About Mormonism track.

Q. What topics do you offer to help people transitioning out of Mormonism?

Many people are leaving Mormonism to consider other faith options. We have compiled resources at to help people on that journey to explore what it means to follow Jesus apart from Mormonism, and how to find a new home in a local Christian church. Find these topics are our Faith After Mormonism collection.

Q. How can you help me share my faith with Mormon friends?

Our resources are designed to prepare you to engage in faith conversations with Mormon friends and neighbors in a wise, loving way – taking into account the unique elements of Mormon culture, so that the good new of the Gospel sounds like good news to them. See the Sharing Faith with Mormons track or our LDS Transitions Leader Training series.

Q. Do you have a Bible reading plan?

Why yes we do! Our New Testament reading plan gives you a short video every day to help you preview the chapter you’re about to read. Make it a habit every weekday for one year and you’ll finish the entire New Testament! Click here for the reading plan and subscribe to our 365 Bible YouTube channel.



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