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Learn how to use to make disciples, one topic at a time.


PURSUEGOD RESOURCES are free online tools designed to help you get beyond the consumer Christian mentality of our day. We believe God wants every Christian to actively make disciples, and our digital library gives you the tools and method to get it done. Watch the video below for more, and subscribe to our PursueGOD Mentor channel on YouTube.

Q. What is the pursueGOD mentoring method?

The goal of the pursueGOD resources is to make disciple-making accessible for the average Christian. It takes 3 steps: (1) find a topic from our site (which includes a short video and text summary), (2) share the link with a friend or group so they can learn about it, and (3) get together to talk about it (using the discussion questions as needed). The key to this simple discipleship method is picking the right topic. One topic at a time, the mentor walks with the mentee until he or she goes “full circle” in a pursuit of God. Watch the video below and subscribe to our YouTube Mentor Channel for more tips.

Q. What is a good first topic to kick off mentoring?

Picking the first topic to start mentoring is pretty important. If the person you’re mentoring understand the resources, feel free to pick anything that you find interesting in the life or faith sections. But if the other person needs a bit of an introduction to the website and the tools, try our starter conversation.

Q. What are the different environments for mentoring?

Mentoring can happen in several different environments. Family mentoring happens at home when parents intentionally lead their kids or teens through weekly or daily devotionals. Group mentoring happens in churches, ministries and neighborhoods when three or more people gather to discuss topics from our sites. And individual mentoring happens whenever one person makes a commitment to walk with another person one topic at a time. Whether you’re mentoring through an official church program or on your own as a Christian, the free resources at can help you keep it biblical and helpful. Subscribe to our YouTube Mentor Channel for more tips on disciple-making.

Q. How do I get trained for mentoring?

We believe that mentoring is caught, not just taught. The best way to learn how to mentor is to get a mentor and start using our resources one topic at a time. But when you’re ready to help someone else, go through our 3-week Mentor Training series with a group or mentor.

Q. How do I launch pursueGOD at my church?

If you’re a pastor, the greatest way to introduce the pursueGOD resources is simply by using them with a small group of trustworthy men or women. Simply mentor them one topic at a time, and then release them to do the same thing with others in your congregation. Choose any topics you’d like for the first few weeks, and when you’re ready to empower people to go make disciples, take them through our 3-week Mentor Training series.

Q. What is

We believe disciple-making often start with people who don’t yet know Jesus. But walking with someone toward Christ isn’t as simple as sharing the gospel and walking away. Discipleship is relationship, and a pursuit of God takes time. We recommend using as a bridge site for people who aren’t yet ready to talk about Jesus. Invest in them through topics that aren’t explicitly biblical, and when the time is right, make the shift to Use it at school, at work, or in the neighborhood.



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