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Maybe gaming isn't a waste of time! Learn life lessons...from video games!

Key Points:

  • We don’t get to choose our “origin story,” but we do get to choose where we invest our time and energy. Use it to to invest in a relationship with God (Psalm 119:30).
  • We have the freedom to do many things, but wasting our freedom on “side questing” won’t help us complete the “main quest.” Don’t waste your life (1 Corinthians 10:23).
  • Don’t get hung up on appearances. “Stats” are what really matter. God uses us because of who we are inside, not because of what others think of us (1 Samuel 16:7).
  • Everyone needs a friend who is like a “healer” because were all going to “take damage” in life (Proverbs 18:24). Be a “healer” to your friends and family.
  • Wear the proper armor and upgrade it when you can (Ephesians 6:10-18). We all need protection against our spiritual enemies.
  • Don’t get lost in materialism; manage your “inventory” (Luke 12:15). You won’t get anywhere if you’re overencumbered.
  • Little victories might seem little, but the “experience” adds up to help you take on greater challenges later on (Luke 16:10). Sometimes in life, we’ve got to “grind.”
  • When an enemy is too tough, “group up” with others. The Christian life is a cooperative experience (Galatians 6:2).
  • Don’t let failure knock you out of the game. There are always “checkpoints” (Proverbs 24:16).
  • We all have to backtrack in life sometimes (Isaiah 55:7; John 3:16). But “backtracking” from your path to get on God’s path is the only way to truly move forward and win the game.

Quote This:

Psalm 119:30 I have chosen the way of faithfulness; I have set my heart on your laws.

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Talk About It
  1. What is your initial reaction to this topic? What jumped out at you?
  2. What are some of your favorite video games? Why?
  3. Before going through this topic, did you think there were lessons to be learned from video games? Explain.
  4. Read Psalm 119:30. How can you choose to invest your time and energy in the things of God regardless of your “origin story?”
  5. Read 1 Corinthians 10:23. How does this verse apply to how you spend your time and energy?
  6. Read 1 Samuel 16:7. Why is it more important to care about who we truly are rather than on how others perceive us?
  7. Read Proverbs 18:24. Who are some friends you’ve had who have had a “healing” presence in your life? Explain.
  8. Read Luke 16:10. Why is it important to be faithful with the little things in order to prepare for the big things? How have you seen this to be true in your life?
  9. Read Galatians 6:2. The Christian life is a cooperative experience. How have you seen this to be true? Share a story.
  10. Read Isaiah 55:7 and John 3:16. Why is “backtracking” an important first step in the Christian life? Why do you think some people are so opposed to the idea of “backtracking” in order to get on God’s path?
  11. Write a personal action step based on this conversation.