Leading a Group

Use the resources below to help you in leading your small group.

Growing a Group

Use the resources provided to help grow your group into a healthy and God centered environment.

Reproducing a Group

Use the resources provided to help grow leaders in your group who will be able to lead a new God centered small group.

Launching a Group

Use the resources provided to help launch a healthy small group.

What Makes a Small Group Great?

Three feature make a small group stand out above the ordinary.


Great Groups Must Be Intentional

Small groups are designed to be places where growing disciples make other disciples. To accomplish that goal, groups must be intentional about several important priorities.


7 Things You Must Know to Lead a Small Group

Leading a small group isn’t too difficult if you’re using our online resources, but you do need to know these 7 things…


The Most Important Team at Church

Learn why the most important team in a church is the small group leaders and co-leaders who help people pursue God.


The Secret to Being an Effective Group Leader

When it comes to helping others pursue God, more important than any skill or experience is the attitude of dependence on Jesus Christ.


Group Leaders Have Limits

One benefit of small groups is that a group often becomes an important care-giving and support network in challenging circumstances. But there are limits.


Create a Healthy Small Group Environment

Lesson 2 of Small Group Training. Effective small group leaders know the group’s purpose and intentionally work to create a group experience that will take it there.


Create a Caring Group

A small group leader is essentially the pastor or shepherd of the group. What that means is that you care about each person. But pastoral care ultimately belongs to all of the members of the group.


How to Avoid Small Group Leader Burnout

Helpful tips for how to stay in the game longer as a small group leader.


Sharing Ministry in a Small Group

In a healthy small group, ministry is shared with everyone. Good leaders look for ways to equip every member for a meaningful ministry role.


How to Make Everyone a Leader in Your Small Group

Stop dominating your small group and you’ll turn everyone into a leader.


Developing People in Small Groups

Lesson 3 of Small Group Training. Leading a small group that makes disciples means taking initiative to develop people in your group to go full circle in pursuit of God.


How to Prep for Small Group as a Team

Good small group leaders lead as a team. Here are some simple recommendations for how to prepare for your group meetings as a team.


How to Use Your Team Meeting Planner

Your leadership team meeting is too important to just wing it. Use the Team Meeting Planner to help you keep your team on track with what matters most.


How to Use Your Group Schedule Planner

Every time your group meets is a precious opportunity! This worksheet will help you keep your team stay focused and prepared for maximizing every one of your group’s meetings and events.


Three Types of Meetings for Every Leader

Three basic types of meetings should be on the schedule of every leader.


How to Assess Your Small Group

To discern what next steps to take, you and your leadership team must continually evaluate the maturity of the group and its members.


How to Use the Small Group Feedback Form

Use this tool with your leaders and team to get better at the essential elements of leading a great small group.


How to Have a Follow-up Conversation

In your group, sometimes you will need to take the initiative to meet with someone outside the group meeting to help them keep moving forward.


Taking the Handoff for Groups or Mentoring

The “handoff” is when a pastor or leader connects someone looking for help to someone trained to give help (a group leader or mentor). Here’s how to do it…


Is Your Small Group Really Winning?

Use these three questions in your small group to do a quick “full circle” check-up.


3 People Lists for Biblical Mentoring

Becoming a mentor using our online resources takes a bit of planning up front. Start by thinking through who is on your hit list, your active list, and your passive list.


How to Do a Simple Assessment

Assessing yourself and the people you are mentoring will help you – and them – to move forward in pursuing God.


More Ministry Topics

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How to Develop New Small Group Leaders

Future small group leaders need to be developed. This involves sharing ministry with them to give them opportunities to grow.

How to Fill Out a Sermon Outline

If you are teaching in a team setting, you may be given an outline developed by someone else. Here’s a guide to help you fill out that outline with meaningful ideas.

Great Groups Must Be Intentional

Small groups are designed to be places where growing disciples make other disciples. To accomplish that goal, groups must be intentional about several important priorities.

Pastoral Priority

It is imperative for every pastor to establish personal priorities. The best example of what those priorities should be is seen in the life of Jesus.

Using PursueGOD.org in Your Parachurch Ministry

No matter what your parachurch ministry’s particular goals are, PursueGOD.org can help.

Performing vs. Worship Leading

In this video, Paul Baloche explores the differences between getting up on the stage to perform and getting up on the stage to lead worship.