Launching a Group

Use the resources below to help launch a healthy small group.


Leading a Group

Use the resources provided to help you in leading your small group.


Growing a Group

Use the resources provided to help grow your group into a healthy and God centered environment.


Reproducing a Group

Use the resources provided to help grow leaders in your group who will be able to lead a new God centered small group.


Get your Group Off to a Good Start

It’s hard for a group to recover from a weak start. Check out principles for how to get a group started well.


How to Use the Small Group Launch Plan

A worksheet to help small group leaders and their teams start a group on a strong footing.


How Groups and Mentoring Work: The Basic Commitments

Learn the basic commitments that make our resources work.


Set the Right Tone for a New Group

Setting a healthy relationship environment is essential to get a small group off the ground. Here are some tips on how to start well.


Create a Good Relational Environment in Your Group

Take a look at some important factors that help or hinder the relational comfort and trust in your group.


How to Make Your Group Welcoming to Guests

It can be intimidating to attend a small group for the first time. Will your group make guests feel welcome or weird?


Why Join a Small Group?

Many people are hesitant to join a small group, for various reasons. What makes it worth the risk to try a small group?


Small Group Ground Rules

If you want to have a great small group, there are a few ground rules that you need to follow. These will help you to treat each other with love and respect, and above all, to build trust in your group.


How to Start a Small Group with Families

Family groups are small groups made up of families and specifically geared toward helping students or kids pursue God along with their parents. Here’s how it works…


Starting a PG Men’s Group

The resources at are perfectly designed for men’s groups in churches and ministries. Here’s what you need to know.


Launching Small Groups Through a Church-Wide Campaign

A church-wide campaign can mobilize people to join and lead new groups and give existing groups a surge of momentum.


More Ministry Topics

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How to Develop New Small Group Leaders

Future small group leaders need to be developed. This involves sharing ministry with them to give them opportunities to grow.

How to Fill Out a Sermon Outline

If you are teaching in a team setting, you may be given an outline developed by someone else. Here’s a guide to help you fill out that outline with meaningful ideas.

Great Groups Must Be Intentional

Small groups are designed to be places where growing disciples make other disciples. To accomplish that goal, groups must be intentional about several important priorities.

Pastoral Priority

It is imperative for every pastor to establish personal priorities. The best example of what those priorities should be is seen in the life of Jesus.

Using in Your Parachurch Ministry

No matter what your parachurch ministry’s particular goals are, can help.

Performing vs. Worship Leading

In this video, Paul Baloche explores the differences between getting up on the stage to perform and getting up on the stage to lead worship.