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This topic is is adapted from the 365 Bible YouTube channel.

When it comes to helping people become full-circle followers of Jesus, you have to realize that truth is discovered. Within the full-circle journey, there are three key discoveries you have to help people make. These three discoveries will help your mentee move through the circle.

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Video Highlights:

  • The first discovery you need to help people reach is the realization that they need Jesus. If you want to help people trust Jesus for their salvation, they must first realize that they need Jesus.
  • The second discovery is that they can change. Once they have accepted that they need Jesus, they then need to understand that through Christ they can change outwardly as well. They can live a life that honors God.
  • The third discovery that they need to make is that they are on mission. This is often the hardest discovery for people to make. Many Christians realize they need to make disciples…but don’t.
  • All of these key discoveries take time. You probably aren’t going to be able to help someone reach these discoveries after just one conversation. Helping people to have a full-circle pursuit of God takes time.

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As you continue to mentor, be on the lookout for these discoveries. As your mentee makes these discoveries, you should transition into new topics that fit into the next step in their pursuit of God. Remember, this takes time, so be patient and intentional about investing time into these new disciples.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Watch the video together or invite someone to summarize the topic.
  2. What is your initial reaction to this video? Do you disagree with any of it? What jumped out at you?
  3. Why do you think mentoring is important?
  4. Have you seen someone make these discoveries? Describe that time.
  5. Read Romans 6:1-2. How does this verse apply to the second discovery?
  6. Why do you think the third discovery is the hardest to reach? Was this discovery difficult for you?
  7. Have you ever struggled with patience when trying to help someone reach the next step in their pursuit of God? What was that like? How did you overcome it?
  8. Write a personal action step based on this conversation.

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