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PursueGOD is a network of like-minded ministries who are serious about making disciple-makers.

Jesus told us to go make disciples who would make disciples (Matthew 28). Paul taught that ministry leaders should equip regular people to actually do the ministry (Ephesians 4). was created to help every ministry implement the simple strategy of the New Testament church: disciples making disciples.


At, we believe real life change happens when people have honest, informed conversations. So we're building our tools on 3 core values:


We base our content on timeless principles from the Bible.


We work to explain things in a way anyone can understand.


We love giving away high-quality resources every week.


We want to create a movement of people who pursue God, from spiritual seekers to faith newcomers to life-long Christians. We’re determined to re-define discipleship and get back to what Jesus envisioned from the beginning. We call Jesus’ brand of Christianity “full circle” faith, and it involves three activities:

We believe the church will continue to fail at making disciples if its leaders fail to define a disciple. This “full circle” picture is a simple, biblical way to define our target so believers can move toward the practical task of making disciples. 


Our disciple-making tools use a simple, 3-step “FLEX” method for empowering conversations to activate intentional mentoring:

Find a Topic

Choose a topic to learn about from our online library.

Learn About It

Watch the video and browse related topics on your own.

Explore Together

Connect with a group or mentor for a life-changing conversation.

We’ve tested this method for over five years in the local church and in parachurch ministries. It has proven to mobilize everyday Christians to become disciples who make disciples, and it works both inside and outside the church walls.


Our tools give you a simple way to start measuring your emerging discipleship culture with our Log a Meeting feature. Join our network to receive monthly reports customized just for your church.