About This Series
This 28-day series will help you see the world like Jesus does. Watch a Bible reading video every day on your own, then talk about the discussion video every week with your family, group, or mentor. Subscribe Now 

Day #0: Dangerous Ideas

The world draws us in with a promise of happiness – but the longer we buy into a secular grid, the more it leads us down a meaningless path.

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Day #7: Upside Down

Jesus offered a simple answer to a complicated question, unveiling a pathway to a rich and satisfying life on earth.

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Day #14: One Moment

Adopting a biblical worldview is more than an intellectual exercise or a change of opinion. It requires a fundamental transformation from the inside out.

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Day #21: All In

Once you’ve had your defining moment of faith, there are three simple signs that you’re “all in” as a follower of Jesus.

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Day #28: Going Out

Followers of Jesus must learn to stand confidently in their biblical convictions without coming across as a jerk.

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