About This Series
What is “holiness?” What are “covenants?” In this series by the Bible Project, learn and talk about some of the Bible’s most important themes.

#1 God’s Holiness

The biblical theme of “holiness” is bigger than the idea of being “morally good” – it describes how God is the uniquely creative force behind the whole universe.

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#2 Covenants

Covenants are all over the Bible. They’re about partnership with God – and we see them from the very first book of the Bible to the very last.

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#3 Heaven and Earth

The theme of “Heaven and Earth” begins in the first verse of the Bible: “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.”

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#4 The Messiah

An explanation of the concept of “Messiah” from Genesis to Revelation.

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#5 The Gospel of the Kingdom

In Isaiah 52, a messenger comes to tell the good news that God still reigns and that he is coming to bring his reign to earth.

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#6 What Is Justice?

Wrongness. Unfairness. Injustice. Why do human beings care about these things? The answer lies in being created in the image of God.

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#7 The Law

Pretty much everyone is familiar with the Ten Commandments God gave to Israel (Exodus 20). But there’s a lot more to the Law of Moses – called “Torah.”

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