About This Series
God’s been planning your life for a long time. The story of Abraham teaches us how God uses imperfect people like us to accomplish God’s great mission in the world.

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#1: God Pursues You

You aren’t an accident. God’s been planning your incredible life for years, and it’s time to experience it.

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#2: Great People Failing Greatly

God comes to us in our failures with grace and truth to learn from and mature as a follower of Jesus.

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#3: Trusting God Takes a Lifetime

God can be trusted to secure and fulfill his promises in our lives, even if it takes longer than we expect.

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#4: Three’s Company

When we get impatient and get ahead of God, watch out for the heartache and damage that can result.

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#5: Passing the Ultimate Test

God gives up much for us, so choose radical obedience every step of your walk with God.

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